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Midwest (Computer Science) Theory Day has often had a lot of overlap with
Discrete Mathematics.

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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming Midwest Theory Day 2018, which
will be held at TTI-Chicago on April 12th and 13th.  It would be great if
you could attend the event, and also encourage students and other members
of your theory group to attend. The Midwest Theory Day has been a great
tradition and venue for CS theorists in the midwest area to get together
and exchange ideas over the past several years.

The keynote speakers for this workshop are Allan Borodin, Anupam Gupta and
Sanjeev Khanna. The workshop will also feature shorter talks by faculty,
postdoctoral research and students from the midwest area, and a poster
session. A limited amount of support for student accommodation is also
available (for the night of April 12th). More details for MTD2018 can be
found at http://sites.google.com/ttic.edu/mtd2018
<http://sites.google.com/ttic.edu/MTD2018> .

Please encourage interested students and postdocs to submit abstracts
(and/or apply for accommodation) by March 20, 2018. Registration for the
event is free but required. If you plan to attend, please register by March
31, 2018 to help us plan the event better.

Please contact us at midwesttheory.2018 at gmail.com if you have any questions.


Anindya, Aravindan and Madhur
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