[Discrete-math-seminar] DAM Seminar Monday 11/16: Hemanshu Kaul

Robert Ellis rellis at math.iit.edu
Sat Nov 14 14:28:48 CST 2009

Please join us for the following Discrete Applied Math Seminar this coming

Monday, 11/16, 12:50-1:40pm E1 119
Speaker: Hemanshu Kaul, IIT
Title: Finding large subgraphs

Abstract: The maximum subgraph problem for a fixed graph property P asks:
Given a graph, find a subgraph satisfying property P that has the maximum
number of edges. Similarly, we can talk about maximum induced subgraph
problem. This property can be planarity, acyclicity, bipartiteness, etc.

We will discuss some old and new problems of this flavor with special
emphasis on properties defined in terms of forbidden minors. In particular,
we will describe some new results on the maximum K_4 - minor-free subgraph
problem (joint work with Calinescu and Fernandes).

E1 105C, IL Inst. Tech.
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 567-5336 --- rellis at math.iit.edu
http://math.iit.edu/~rellis/ <http://math.iit.edu/%7Erellis/>
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