[Discrete-math-seminar] Discrete Applied Math Seminar Monday 12:50pm

Robert Ellis rellis at math.iit.edu
Sat Nov 7 11:28:00 CST 2009

Please join us Monday at 12:50pm for the following talk by Michael
Pelsmajer, postponed from last week.

Monday, Nov. 9,  12:50 pm  E1 119
Michael Pelsmajer (IIT - Applied Math)
"Two Treewidth Problems"
Treewidth is, in a way, a measure of how closely a graph resembles a
tree.  It is important for both applied and theoretical reasons (e.g.,
dynamic programming, fixed-parameter tractability, graph minors

In this talk we introduce treewidth and describe two research
questions that should be accessible to students.  One concerns a graph
coloring variant called "equitable list coloring", and the other
generalizes independent sets and induced matchings.
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