[Discrete-math-seminar] Combinatorics Wednesday research seminar and Friday seminar

Robert Ellis rellis at math.iit.edu
Mon Mar 19 23:06:59 CST 2007

Dear all (DAM seminar list),

There are 3 upcoming combinatorics seminars.

Friday 3:15pm Mar 23 DAM Seminar, Joshua Cooper, room TBA 
Joshua Cooper, USC Palmetto Asst. Prof., is visiting Friday 2pm-Monday 
afternoon, and will give talks Friday at 3:15pm and on Monday, time to be 
determined.  Friday's talk will be "Random Linear Extensions of Grids" 
(see http://math.iit.edu/academics/abstracts/Cooper2.html).  I am hoping 
he will tell us about the "chump number" (the maximum cost of unneeded 
accessories a chump will buy on a new car given a certain linear extension 
of a preference grid).  He _will_ be telling us about the jump number. 
Regardless, Josh is an excellent speaker, and I hope you will all join us.

Wednesday 11am Mar 21, DAM Research Seminar, E1 241
Either Sanjiv Kapoor will speak on his research, or I will give part 2 of 
"The 2-batch liar game over a general bounded channel", continuing from 
March 7.

Monday Mar 26 time TBA room TBA, AM Colloquium, Joshua Cooper
Josh will give a colloquium talk on "Quasirandom Permutations" (abstract: 
http://math.iit.edu/academics/abstracts/Cooper1.html), which relates to 
discrepancy theory, permutation statistics, discrete harmonic analysis, 
and numerical integration.

If you are interested in scheduling a research discussion with Josh, 
please contact me soon.  For definiteness, let's make the time slots as 

Friday March 23

Monday March 26

Hope you can join us -- I will follow up with room assignemnts for the 
Friday and Monday talks later.

Robert Ellis

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