Nonlocal Dynamics: Theory, Computation and Applications

NSF/CBMS Regional Conference in the Mathematical Sciences (Supported by NSF)

June 4 -- 9, 2017, Chicago, USA

Department of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, Illinois 60616, USA

Principal Lecturer: Qiang Du, Columbia University

Organizers: Jinqiao Duan ( & Xiaofan Li (

Conference Themes: 

Various complex systems in engineering and science are under long range or nonlocal interactions. There is a growing recognition of a role for including nonlocal effects in better modeling these systems. As a result, nonlocal partial differential equations are appropriate mathematical models for certain optimal control systems, dislocation dynamics in crystals, porous media flows, anomalous dffusion of particles in fluids, and many other systems. Nonlocal effects and long range diffusion also occur in the cell density evolution in certain biological processes, such as embryological development. In order to better understand nonlocal engineering and scientific systems, we must understand the properties of nonlocal equations. This conference brings a top mathematician as the principal lecturer, together with experts and newcomers from relevant mathematical and scientific communities, to learn, examine and investigate theoretical and computational issues in this subject.

Nonlocal partial differential equations are macroscopic models for complex systems under long range interactions. They have led to many mathematically challenging questions at the interface of analysis, computation, stochastic analysis and partial differential equations. To realize the full power of nonlocal equations as mathematical models for complex systems, analysis and numerical approximations are crucial. This conference aims to summarize the past achievements in this subject, and discuss future research directions. It further stimulates research in the development of analytical, dynamical and computational tools for nonlocal models and their applications. The Principal Lecturer for this conference is Professor Qiang Du at Columbia University. The conference consists of ten lectures by Qiang Du, together with supplemental presentations by a few experts, round table discussions, and an open problems session. The participants include graduate students, postdocs, junior people and experts from regional and other institutions.

The proposed lecture series aims to crystalize the foundational developments in the field of nonlocal dynamics and set the stage for an explosion of new results that will bring the field to maturity in the coming decade. The above issues are closely related and will all be handled in the lectures. 

Confirmed Speakers:

Qiang Du, Columbia University, Main Conference Lecturer

Tadele Mengesha, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Pablo Seleson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Luis Silvestre, The University of Chicago

Pablo Raul Stinga, Iowa State University

Xiaochuan Tian, Columbia University

Lorenzo Toniazzi, The University of Warwick

Hong Wang, University of South Carolina


To apply: Please click Registration Page.  The conference, funded by the National Science Foundation, could provide support for local expenses, and limited domestic travel, for approximately 25 participants. Requests for support will be considered as long as funds remain available. Junior mathematicians, graduate students and all scientists from underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply. To apply for finiancial support, please indicate in the registration page and send your CV, cover letter and have your adviser send a reference letter to Zhuan Cheng (

Program: (Click here to view entire conference program.)

June 5–9







Coffee and Registration 

Coffee and Registration 





Du, Lec 1 Overview of nonlocal models  

Mengesha, Lec 3 Variational analysis of nonlocal systems related to peridynamics  

Du, Lec 5 Numerical approximations of nonlocal models-II  

Tian, Lec 7 Local and nonlocal coupling II  

Du, Lec 9 Nonlocal phase field and nonlocal conservation laws 


Du, Lec 2 Examples of nonlocal models  

Du, Lec 4 Numerical approximations of nonlocal models-I  

Tian, Lec 6 Local and nonlocal coupling I  

Du, Lec 8 Nonlocal gradient and nonlocal in time dynamics  

Du, Lec 10 Peridynamics for brittle fracture, open questions 








Wang, Title: TBA 

Silvestre, Title: Nonlocal equations and the Boltzmann equation  

Seleson, Anisotropic bondbased peridynamic models  

Toniazzi, Probabilistic solutions of fractional differential equations for generalized Caputo-type operators  

Coffee and Discussion  








Coffee and Discussion 

Stinga, Heat semigroups, fractional Laplacians and applications 

Mengesha, Mulitiscale analysis of linearized nonlocal models  

Coffee and Discussion 

Coffee and Discussion 


Coffee and Discussion 

Coffee and Discussion 

Coffee and Discussion 

Coffee and Discussion 

Coffee and Discussion 

Lecture Notes:

SIAM or AMS will publish a monograph based on the principal lectures.

Conference Venue:

All conference lectures will be held in John T. Rettaliata Engineering Center Room 104(Crawford Auditorium), on the Mies campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago. Please see the IIT campus map here.

In addition to the main lectures by Professor Qiang Du, there will be a few other presentations by experts in this field.


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Please address all inquiries to the conference organizers.

Conference organizers:Jinqiao Duan ( & Xiaofan Li (

Conference e-mail: zhuancheng3(

Conference web-page:

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This research conference is mainly financially supported by the National Science Foundation through a pending grant from DMS. The Department of Applied Mathematics at IIT has generously agreed to host this conference.




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